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Oracle Database XE 18c – System Requirements

System Requirements for Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) 18c. For Linux x86-64 Operating System Linux x86-64 operating system requirements The following Linux x86-64 kernels are supported: Oracle Linux 7 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 3: 3.8.13-35.3.1.el7uek.x86_64 or later Oracle Linux 7.2 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 4: 4.1.12-32.2.3.el7uek.x86_64 or later Oracle Linux 7 with the Read More …

Oracle BI Publisher Install fails INST-07548

New installation of Oracle BI Publisher fails with INST- 07548 You might have looked at the prerequisites for the installation of the BI Publisher and noted that you need to have the following JDK 1.8_35+ Oracle WebLogic or you may even decide to install the BIP into an existing WebLogic installation that you already have. Read More …

WebLogic Server, SSL & Keystores Configuration

WebLogic Server – SSL Configuration In setting up the SSL configuration for your WebLogic server you need to configure your Keystores.  This is achieve typically by using WebLogic admin console, and navigating to: Domain  Structure > Servers > server_name > Configuration > Keystores. WebLogic Keystores Property Keystores property allows you to set the configuration rules Read More …

Load Testing Dbvisit Replicate

Clients running high available Oracle databases must be able to minimize the downtime associated to many different critical maintenance tasks such as database upgrades, hardware refreshes, migrations from single instance to RAC, etc. The Swingbench database stressing tool provides a couple of out of the box benchmarks that we use to stress the database and demonstrate the effectiveness of Dbvisit Replicate.

Oracle Database – Sequence Enhancement in PL/SQL

Oracle Database 11g – Sequence use in PL/SQL – One of the language enhancements that was introduced in 11g is the use of sequence pseudocolumns, NEXTVAL and CURRVAL, in any PL/SQL context when an expression of NUMBER datatype may appear. This is now the preferred method of calling sequences in PL/SQL.

Oracle Exadata Consulting

Reduce cost, increase capacity.  Sounds like an unreal, utopian and idealistic promise that could never be.  Right? Is this what we heard the first time someone suggested an aluminium body for a car.  Lighter, safer and faster.  I guess that promise was delivered very successfully.  This is what Oracle Corporation has delivered with Oracle Exadata Read More …

Oracle Application Express – APEX

Oracle Application Express (APEX) Oracle Application Express is the hidden gem in your Oracle database which allows for full application development right from within your Oracle database. eSolution provides expert consulting services on this simple and yet comprehensive platform from Oracle.  Oracle Application Express or APEX has not made a very big splash, not for lack of functionalities, Read More …

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control12c – WebLogic patching

eSolution provides Consulting and Professional Services to help you gain the most out of your IT investment. Specialized on Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Enterprise Manager and many other Oracle based technologies. In this video you see how you can easily patch your WebLogic servers managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.