Oracle Application Express – APEX

Oracle Application Express (APEX)

Oracle Application Express is the hidden gem in your Oracle database which allows for full application development right from within your Oracle database.

eSolution provides expert consulting services on this simple and yet comprehensive platform from Oracle.  Oracle Application Express or APEX has not made a very big splash, not for lack of functionalities, but because it is free!  Yes, the fact that APEX is free means that your Oracle Sales team makes no effort in introducing or pitching this product.  Although it must be noted that APEX does have a major following.

eSolution provides in-house training sessions and expert development services across Canada and US to help you plan, setup, develop and utilize your APEX applications in no time.

Oracle Application Express allows for the full Cloud base development.  Perhaps the first truly could based development tool from Oracle that allows you to build an entire application truly on, either your own Private Cloud or a Public Cloud installation of Oracle database.  From design, develop and deployment of rich templates based layouts to full mobile support (almost full support – but APEX is getting there), you can develop what you need in APEX.

APEX Custom Development Services

eSolution provides you with a full line of professional services to help you strategize, plan, install, upgrade, migrate  and up keep your Oracle Database and your Oracle Application Express applications and maximum return on your IT investment.  We have helped many clients create their own success stories with APEX.  You should consider APEX next time you need to build a quick, cost effective and dazzling database centric application.

Here is a link to Oracle APEX success stories to give you a bit more encouragement in considering APEX as a platform for the next development project.

Please contact us today and see how we can help you save and extend your development budget and stretch your Oracle investment further.  You will be using your own APEX apps quickly and effectively with our help.