Oracle Database XE 18c – Features and Restrictions

Oracle Database XE 18c – Resource Limitations

Here are the Oracle DB XE 18c resource limitations:

  • Up to 12 GB of user data
  • Up to 2 GB of database RAM
  • Up to 2 CPU threads
  • Up to 3 Pluggable Databases

Oracle Database XE 18c – Features, Options, and Management Packs

Summary List

Multitenant: Get isolation, agility, and economies of scale by managing multiple Pluggable Databases inside your Oracle Multitenant Container Database

In-Memory: Support real-time analytics, business intelligence, and reports by keeping your important data in the Oracle Database In-Memory column store

Partitioning: Enhance performance, availability, and manageability of your database with data partitioning that meets diverse business requirements

Advanced Analytics: Get valuable insights and deliver predictions from your data using Data Mining SQL, R programming, and the Oracle Data Miner UI

Advanced Security: Protect your sensitive data at the source and build end-to-end encrypted apps with layers of security including Oracle Transparent Data Encryption and Data Redaction

Oracle Database XE 18c – Features, Options, and Management Packs

Full List


Feature/Option/Pack Availability Notes
Oracle Multitenant – # of PDBs Y Maximum of 3 PDBs
CDB Fleet Management N
PDB Snapshot Carousel N
Refreshable PDB switchover N


Development Platform

Feature/Option/Pack Availability Notes
Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator support Y Windows only
Native .NET Data Provider—ODP.NET Y Windows only
.NET Stored Procedures Y Windows only


High Availability

Feature/Option/Pack Availability Notes
Application Continuity N
Oracle Sharding N
Oracle Fail Safe N
Oracle RAC One Node N
Oracle Data Guard—Redo Apply N
Oracle Data Guard—Far Sync Standby N
Oracle Data Guard—SQL Apply N
Oracle Data Guard—Snapshot Standby N
Oracle Data Guard—Real-Time Cascading Standbys N
Oracle Data Guard—Automatic Correction of Non-logged Blocks at a Data Guard Standby Database N
Oracle Active Data Guard N
Rolling Upgrades—Patch Set, Database, and Operating System N
Rolling Upgrades Using Active Data Guard N
Online index rebuild Y
Online table organization Y
Online table redefinition Y
Duplexed backup sets N
Block change tracking for fast incremental backup N
Unused block compression in backups N
Block-level media recovery N
Lost Write Protection N
Automatic Block Repair N
Parallel backup and recovery N
Tablespace point-in-time recovery N
Trial recovery Y
Fast-start fault recovery Y
Flashback Table Y
Flashback Database Y
Flashback Transaction N
Flashback Transaction Query N
Optimization for Flashback Data Archive N
Online Datafile Move N
Transaction Guard N
Cross-platform Backup and Recovery Y
Global Data Services N
Recovering tables and table partitions from RMAN backups N



Feature/Option/Pack Availability Notes
Oracle Streams N
Database Gateways N
Messaging Gateway N
Sharded Queues Y



Feature/Option/Pack Availability Notes
Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database N
Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting Pack N
Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack for Oracle Database N
Oracle Diagnostics Pack N
Oracle Tuning Pack N
Oracle Real Application Testing N
Database Resource Manager N
I/O Resource Management N
Instance Caging N
SQL Plan Management N
SQL Tuning Sets N
Rapid Home Provisioning N



Feature/Option/Pack Availability Notes
Infiniband support N
Oracle Connection Manager N
Network Compression Y



Feature/Option/Pack Availability Notes
Client Side Query Cache Y
Query Results Cache Y
PL/SQL Function Result Cache Y
Oracle TimesTen Application-Tier Database Cache N
Database Smart Flash Cache N
Support for Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software N
Adaptive Execution Plans Y
Concurrent Execution of UNION and UNION ALL Branches N
In-Memory Column Store Y
In-Memory Column Cache on Storage Servers N
In-Memory Column Store on Active Data Guard standby N
Fault Tolerant In-Memory Column Store N
Automatic In-Memory Column Store N
In-Memory Column Store support for External Tables N
In-Memory Aggregation Y
MemOptimized Row Store N
Attribute Clustering Y
Zone Maps N



Feature/Option/Pack Availability Notes
Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) N
Automatic Workload Management N
Quality of Service Management N
Oracle NoSQL Database Basic Edition N



Feature/Option/Pack Availability Notes
Column-Level Encryption Y
Tablespace Encryption Y TDE online method to encrypt/rekey/decrypt an existing tablespace is not supported. See Oracle Advanced Security Guide for details
Oracle Advanced Security Y
Oracle Database Vault Y
Oracle Label Security Y
Enterprise User Security N
Centrally Managed Users Y
Fine-grained auditing Y
Privilege Analysis Y
Real Application Security Y
Redaction Y
Transparent Sensitive Data Protection Y
Virtual Private Database Y
Keystore for Each Pluggable Database N


Snapshots and Cloning

Feature/Option/Pack Availability Notes
Storage Snapshot Optimization N


Spatial and Graph Data

Feature/Option/Pack Availability Notes
Oracle Spatial and Graph Y
Property Graph and RDF Graph Technologies (RDF/OWL) Y
Parallel spatial index builds N
Multimaster replication of SDO_GEOMETRY objects N
Partitioned spatial indexes Y


VLDB, Data Warehousing, and Business Intelligence

Feature/Option/Pack Availability Notes
Oracle Partitioning Y
Oracle On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) N
Oracle Advanced Analytics Y
Oracle Advanced Compression Y
Advanced Index Compression Y
Prefix Compression (also called Key Compression) Y
Hybrid Columnar Compression N
Hybrid Columnar Compression Row-Level Locking N
Exadata Flash Cache Compression N
Heat Map N
Automatic Data Optimization N
Basic Table Compression Y
Deferred Segment Creation Y
Bitmapped index, bitmapped join index, and bitmap plan conversions Y
Parallel query/DML N
Parallel statistics gathering N
Parallel index build/scans N
Parallel Data Pump Export/Import N
In-memory Parallel Execution N
Parallel Statement Queuing N
Parallel capture and apply via XStream N
Transportable tablespaces, including cross-platform and full transportable export and import Y
Summary management—Materialized View Query Rewrite Y

Additional Components

The following development platforms are not included with Oracle Database XE. You can download them separately and use them with XE

  • Oracle SQL Developer
  • Oracle Application Express (APEX)
  • Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio
  • Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)

For more information please consult oracle Documentation.  Oracle Documentation is the source ofor the date used in this page also.