Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Released Today

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c

As was promised by Oracle on December 1st, in the very early hours of this morning we came across the Oracle WebLogic Server 12c that was released on Oracle Technology Network – OTN (

The current binaries available for download (at least as of the time we were writing this article) is the 32bit version of WebLogic Server, however the readme file makes references to the 64 bit version of this as well.  The current 32 bit version has meant to be for developers and development platforms.  As in the previous release Oracle WebLogic Server is bundled with Oracle Coherance.

The first set of binaries available for download is bundled with Oracle Coherance 3.7 and Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse.

In the days to come, there will be many more reviews and feedback on WebLogic 12c and we will provide our clients with our own firsthand experience with this product.

Oracle BI Publisher Installation Splash Screen


For more information and to see how your organization could take advantage of Oracle WebLogic 12c effectively, please contact us today.