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Oracle Application Express – APEX

Oracle Application Express (APEX) Oracle Application Express is the hidden gem in your Oracle database which allows for full application development right from within your Oracle database. eSolution provides expert consulting services on this simple and yet comprehensive platform from Oracle.  Oracle Application Express or APEX has not made a very big splash, not for lack of functionalities, Read More …

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control12c – WebLogic patching

eSolution provides Consulting and Professional Services to help you gain the most out of your IT investment. Specialized on Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Enterprise Manager and many other Oracle based technologies. In this video you see how you can easily patch your WebLogic servers managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

Exalogic: Ready for the Future

eSolution provides consulting services on Oracle Exalogic, enabling you to benefit from this Oracle hardware software solution to reduce cost while increasing business agility. Contact eSolution today to learn more.

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Released Today

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c As it was promised by Oracle on December 1st, at very early hours of this morning we came across the Oracle WebLogic Server 12c that was release on Oracle Technology Network – OTN (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/weblogic/downloads/wls-main-097127.html). The current binaries available for download (at least as of the time we were writing this article) Read More …

Oracle Database Security Audits

Oracle Database Security Audits, A World of threats, regulations and myths: A database security audit is the systematic, non-intrusive analysis of the database and directly associated components, from a security perspective, to detect issues that may lead to different types of security breaches and/or lack of compliance with the corporate security policy or security mandates.

Installing Oracle Database Software

Installing Oracle Database Software  Your company has made the obvious decision and has decided to buy the Oracle database software.  Soon, you will be installing Oracle. Installing the Oracle database software or binaries is the process of copying these binaries from the installation CD’s to the server where the Oracle database will be running. After Read More …

Supporting Oracle clients in Vancouver, British Columbia

eSolution based in Canada, provides Oracle Consulting services for clients in Vancouver, Victoria and the rest of British Columbia. eSolution brings many years expertise in Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware including WebLogic, Exastack and Oracle Development platforms to the clients in Canada, US, Europe.