WebLogic 12c New Features – Early Preview

Oracle WebLogic 12c

Oracle WebLogic 12c was somewhat revealed on December 1, 2011 via an interview with Oracle corporation Senior VP of Oracle Fusion Middleware and Java, Hasan Rizvi.

We can’t wait to test the product and see the documentation that completely reveals these features.  The following is what has been listed by “WebLogic Partner Community EMEA” as the highlight of the new features for WebLogic 12c:

    • Java EE 6 and Developer Productivity
    • Simplified Deployment and Management with Virtualization
    • Integrated Traffic Management
    • Enhanced High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    • Much Higher Performance
    • Certified Java EE 6 and SE 7 Make Development Faster
      • Fewer Java Classes, Less Code, Less XML
      • With Modern Programming Techniques
        • Dependency Injection, Annotations, POJO, REST
      • Using Popular Industry Tool Chains
        • Maven, Hudson, Eclipse, JDeveloper, NetBeans
    • Integrated WebLogic/RAC Clusters
    • Seamless Upgrade From WebLogic, iAS and Others

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c As excited as we are bout some of these new features, we can’t help to think that some of these are repackaged or highlighted existing features.  But as long as there are improvements introduced with existing features that is welcomed changed by everyone. Time and time again Oracle has done a great job in introducing completely new practical features.  But it is hard to overlook the impact of the folks from sales and marketing to make the list of new features a lengthier that what they really should be.  This is not an issue reflective of Oracle corporation but a general issue in any industry.

We really hope that we are completely blown away by the list of the detailed new features and proven cynical to the impact of the sales and marketing folks for no reason.  We thoroughly can’t wait to provide great solutions built on top of Oracle Middleware stack of technologies as we have many time in the past for our clients.

We thrive to perform our own analysis of this features and advise our client on them as soon as possible.  For now, we have to simple refer to what has been announced and hold back comments and reviews for a few weeks.

Some of the features announced could be extremely powerful and pushing for a easier and less complexity of the frameworks in Java EE, like less XML in  Java EE6 and SE 7.  Integration with Oracle RAC, was something that clients struggled with in the past using Multi Data Source.  It worked but it didn’t seem completely right.  A seamless upgrade from earlier version and other products is always a good thing too.

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